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Resources For Jumpstarting Your Career – LinkedIn Connections

31 Aug 2011 | : Connections, Jobs


The topic of Jumpstarting a second career seemed to resonate with readers, and so I’m going to throw in a series on each of the different LinkedIn components and describe how experienced professionals should be using LinkedIn to jumpstart their careers – if they’re switching, or even if they’re staying put in the same field.

Yes, even if you’re in the very same career you started in, you can use LinkedIn to enhance your stature, effectiveness, and probably even your pay.

Let’s have a  look at connections.

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Jumpstarting Second Careers With LinkedIn

30 Aug 2011 | : Connections, Groups, Jobs, Profiles, Recommendations, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This topic blends a number of different questions that readers and seminar attendees have asked over the years, and seems to call out for a special article.

How should a user deal with multiple industries, age, locations and positions when they’re working with LinkedIn?

“Steve, can you help me merge those elements?”

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5 Errors That Superstar Leaders Make On Their LinkedIn Profile

27 Aug 2011 | : Profiles


Including an error that nine out of ten make!

It’s ok if you’ve made these same errors, but find out what to do about it here!

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Updated LinkedIn Guidance For Regulated Financial Industry Representatives

24 Aug 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn


Wow – that’s a mouthful – but given the regulated nature of the financial industry, I didn’t want to get it wrong;-)

I first mentioned the need for financial reps to take care with recommendations in 2009, and FINRA has issued an update to their most recent regulatory notice that seems to clarifiy things.

I’m not in the industry, nor a lawyer, nor a doctor, but it seems reasonably clear…

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Did LinkedIn Gut Recommendations In Response To Social Ad Outrage?

22 Aug 2011 | : Recommendations


Somewhere in the last week or so, LinkedIn stopped displaying the name of those who recommend you.

What’s up with that? I hear you asking already – surely this must be some sort of error…

Read on and I’ll lay it all out for you.

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LinkedIn Updates Mobile Apps

18 Aug 2011 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn updated their mobile app suite for iPhone and Android users.

Any day now, I expect the mobile-fairy to drop by and give me one, but alas, the ball hasn’t been announced yet;-)

Why should I let that stop me from talking about them though…

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Get Your LinkedIn Nag On

16 Aug 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn just introduced a new tool to help users improve their profiles. Subtlety named:

“Improve your Profile”

Well – who can resist such a thing…

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Outfoxing LinkedIn’s Profile Visibility Restrictions

10 Aug 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn has begun restricting profile visibility in ways that don’t seem to make sense. This post includes a handy way to see what you ought to be able to see – even when LinkedIn doesn’t think so…

The changes at LinkedIn seem to be part of a strategy to get more paid accounts, but I’m not buying it…

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