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LinkedIn Searches With Less Than Ten Results

28 Jul 2011 | : Search


I was wondering – how do you find small pools of people on LinkedIn?

Sure, it’s easy enough to find “Software Developers” (113,240), “Engineers” (2,125,674), and “Managers” (7,981,035), but what about people who have uncommon names, titles, and tags…

So come along with me while I try to find search criteria with at least one, but no more than ten profiles that match.

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Begrudging Acceptance Of Apply With LinkedIn

26 Jul 2011 | : Jobs


LinkedIn has introduce a new feature that allows individuals to apply to jobs through LinkedIn itself.

In some circles, this could be a good thing – LinkedIn already has your professional data, and wouldn’t it be great to automatically fill in those darned job application blanks with the right things.

I’m not so sure I’m happy about it, and here’s why…

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Gaming LinkedIn Search Results

15 Jul 2011 | : Search


Would you like to have the #1 position when people search on LinkedIn?

Would it matter if doing so made you look like an idiot?

Today was going swimmingly well when I tripped over a post on another blog about how one could rank #1 on LinkedIn within 10 minutes.

Let’s have a look at this advice and compare with what I’ve already said…

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LinkedIn Updates My Group Digest Setting

13 Jul 2011 | : Groups


News flash – LinkedIn has proactively updated one of my group email settings, and I think they did it properly!-)

This change is unusual, and is probably more beneficial than not, so let’s have a look.

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AOL and Hotmail Lagging Gmail and Yahoo on The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

02 Jul 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn


June’s poll shows that readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer embrace gmail and perhaps have left behind other email services.

Microsoft’s outlook retains strong support.

I’m thinking some of these numbers might shock you – have a look.

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