Finding Gradunzas On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has repeatedly mentioned that the site includes representation from every major company, and that’s been one of the major attractions. For some reason, users still don’t quite get that the search capabilities are powerful enough to find most anything.

So I thought we’d take a moment to check in on them – ok?


Oh, there are so many ways to take this, but for some reason I thought I’d look to find out if anyone was working with moss-covered three-handled family grudunzas…

There’s no real reason except I like to pay homage to Suess at any time of the year.

The search

Everybody knows about the search area at the top of every page – yes, that’s it in the upper right corner.

But as I take pains to talk about in “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer”, you probably don’t want to just use that default search.

The “Advanced” button to the right takes you to a much more comprehensive search.

The “People” button (with a triangle) takes you to different kinds of searches.

Types of searching

You’re not interested in searching through people all of the time, so you can search within:

  • People [Advanced search available]
  • Updates
  • Jobs [Advanced search available]
  • Companies
  • Answers [Advanced search available]
  • Inbox
  • Groups

All you have to do is try.

No grudunzas

And I was a bit disapointed that I was unable to find mention of grudunzas.

Or gradunzas…

But there is a company with Gredunza, and an update about trying to find out who took one… In writing this up, I discovered there is no authority on the spelling of “gr[aeu]dunza” – even the wikipedia page about the Cat in the Hat TV show uses all three spellings!

(Of the three, I found reference to the song “The Gradunza” within the IMDB and thought that might be most accurate, but least phonetic;-)

Oh – for those that understand regular expressions, no it doesn’t appear to allow use of that grep sort of notation, but you can list things out like gradunza OR gredunza OR grudunza, so it is slightly possible.

What have you found?

I’m always curious about how people make use of LinkedIn.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve looked up on LinkedIn? Did you find it?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock