Finding Entrepreneurs At The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

As regular readers will tell you, I’ve come up with some interesting questions to ask readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer blog. Last month I decided to find out some additional demographics of the readership of the blog and I’m shocked.

Do you think the blog attracts more or less entrepreneurs than the population supports?

The general population

So my goal here was to set a baseline, to show that X% of the population is or considers themselves to be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately that fell flat as Wikipedia failed me, google failed me, and my twitter probe failed me as well…

My intuition tells me this ought to be a reasonably low number.

I did find details about entrepreneurs – demographics of those people that are already doing it. But not a comparison of how much of the population considers themselves to be entrepreneurs.

I also found a study from the Kauffman Foundation that suggests that over time, about .3% of the population starts a new business each month. But does that imply anything about the percent of the population that considers themselves to be entrepreneurs? I don’t think so.

Not interested

So back to the poll – I included the “I could but am not interested” response just to see if that prompted any answers. To my surprise (and relief), nobody answered this way.

Not yet

This is a bona fide group – people that would like to, but have not yet started on their own.

Trust me when I say there are resources out there. If you put yourself in this group, all you have to do is get moving.

Charts and such

Thankfully nobody has yet called me on the crude graphics that I pass off as charts. I mean if I was on the networks or something there’d be comments left and right about the charts that grace this site.

No, usually it’s just “put the d*m chart up already!”

Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

Are you an entrepreneur?

Results of Entrepreneur Poll

Results of Entrepreneur Poll

Most readers are!

I hid this result until after the chart itself because I figured you wouldn’t believe it if I threw it out there up at the top. But as you can see, a majority of the readers of this blog identified themselves as entrepreneurs.

(And I think the value of this blog on the “sell your web site” market just went up a figure or two – you guys are great people to have as readers;-)

Of those who answered…

Just a quarter of the respondents said that they were not entrepreneurs.

Now if I say half as many people answered the poll this month as opposed to last, you could claim that all of the people that didn’t answer do not consider themselves entrepreneurs, and were not interested in the poll…

To that I say – well of course that could be true.

But since they didn’t respond, I can say anything I darned well want about them now can’t I?!

It’s the way these things are setup – did you know that if I polled people who work in the online marketing arena that nearly 100% of them would think that a twitter presence is a “must have” for any business? And we’d get a completely different number if we asked 100 random people on the sidewalk in NYC…

Next up – email services and clients

Just how do you read your email? Do you own a private domain such as and get your email there, or do you send it to gmail, aol, hotmail, or even yahoo?

Call us curious – and answer with as many checks as you’d like.

Look for it – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock