LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature has been interesting to readers, and it came up again in conversation the other night.

It’s one of those things that gives you information about what other people are doing – and regular readers will know that we spend a lot of time on that sort of subject here!

Let’s have an updated look.

The basics

As I covered back in 2009, the feature let’s users see who has viewed their profile.

And these basic aspects have kept with it:

  • You see details about 5 viewers (unless you upgrade to a premium account)
  • The viewers determine what you’ll see (name, anonymous info, no info)
  • You determine what others see about yourself (same as above)

And the wrinkle from last fall remains:

This feature was fun enough to make last year’s “Favorite Linked Things” video.

Different language

To get today’s article, I did of course have to research into how it’s working right now, and I noticed the phrasing on “opting out” is different.

When I wrote about the change last fall, I mentioned in the article that opting for no information meant that the LinkedIn system wouldn’t even track your activity. That does not appear to be the case. Both the anonymous and no info settings within profile “Settings” say that choosing that selection will disable “Profile Stats”.

Either they decided it was bad to throw that information away, they didn’t want to implement it, or thought that it might reduce the opportunity to upsell…  We can’t be certain, but it seems to take away an issue of using the “totally anonymous” setting.

Viewing 40% names, 40% partial, and 20% full anonymity

When I looked at who was viewing my profile, I recognized two names right away. Two out of five is 40%, and this informal and very small sample seems to indicate a good number of LinkedIn users are ok with that level of information flow.

Two users revealed a little bit of information – “Job Title” at “Name of Company”. And LinkedIn provided a handy search link and I could see a list of about a dozen people and it told me that “One of these people viewed your profile”.

Lastly, just one of the five results indicated full anonymity – I have no idea who that was;-)

Additional features

If I really cared, I might opt for the premium account – there are several new aspects to this tool:

  • Trending (historical) Views and Search Appearances
  • Top search Keywords (that I was found with)
  • Viewers by Type (which seems to mean Industry)
  • Viewers by Location

It’s very Spy-vs-Spy like – who’s looking at my profile…

Results for you?

I am interested to hear from some of the premium account holders – do you find information about who was looking at your profile useful?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock