LinkedIn’s Top Issue For April – Unwelcome Email!

It seems I’ve hit a hot button – unwelcome email.

I posted “Receiving Unwelcome LinkedIn Mail” a year ago, and then an update earlier in the month “Still Receiving Unwelcome LinkedIn Email“, but the mailbag has another suggestion for me – turning off Partner InMail.

Let’s have a look!

Partner InMail

Well this one is a bit new for me, so I had to check into the setting.

In the past, LinkedIn had a setting that said something like “I’m open to receiving targeted marketing”, but the setting didn’t mean much. It didn’t really keep you from getting marketing or not – selecting no meant that you viewed untargeted marketing instead. (I’m thinking we need a sting after that – yes, I’ll be here all week…)

So I think my brain ignored that setting, and “Turn on/off partner InMail” seemed like it was going to ask the same thing…

Reaching the setting

As I’ve explained, first get to your “Settings”. (And you can read how to do that in “Hidden Settings for LinkedIn“)

Select “Email Preferences” and then you’ll find “Turn on/off partner InMail” to the right.

De-select the boxes to stop receiving marketing or hiring campaign informational (promotional) messages.

Targeted messages

Now I’m not certain, but I don’t recall ever getting any of these sorts of messages before. It might be that I don’t attract attention by saying that I’m a Vice President of a multi-national or anything else on my profile…

I’m just saying – they are targeted, perhaps I’m not important enough. I’ll just let that roll off my back and continue getting stuff done…


Hey – I’m always wondering – is this sort of post useful? If you could let me know through a comment that would be great.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock