Checking on the changes at LinkedIn, I realized an even larger one had taken place – LinkedIn has introduced the notion that a user’s profile may be flagged.

That’s huge.

Let’s have a look.

Apparently any profile

It seems that profiles have a set of options, right under the profile summary block, you’ll find the selections:

Access to LinkedIn Profile Flagging

As I’ve written before, sharing is a great way to call attention to a profile you’ve come across. “Fred, have a look at this profile – she’d be just right for that position…”

PDF is a great way to make a backup of your own profile – just in case.

But this “Flag” option is new.


The general meaning of a flag in this context is that there’s something about this profile that should be looked into.

When you bring the flagging window up, you can select from the following list:

Image of LinkedIn Profile Flagging

So – if you’re tired of seeing individual profiles that aren’t individuals, misrepresentations, and any other sort (you can type in details in a small text screen), this is for you.

Flagged for review

And yes, when you flag an account, the LinkedIn staff will happily review it:

Results of LinkedIn Profile Flagging

For my part, I did a nice search for an account that was clearly not an individual looking to note or build relationships and flagged it as such – in the name of getting material. I don’t intend to do any proactive searching for people to report…

Pandora’s box

But think about it – there’s a new way to annoy other people.

Claim that their profile is a misrepresentation.

And if someone wanted to take it to an extreme, they could create fake accounts to harass other legitimate users of the system.

Time will tell

So – we’ll just have to see what LinkedIn’s response will be to flagging.

Is it a “suspend accounts first and ask questions later” approach, or will they contact those flagged and ask for a correction to the profile or clarification on the material first?

Let us know here please!

If you have experiences with flagging or being flagged, please leave comments here – we’d love to hear about it.

Oh – least I forget about it – more changes:

  • Custom views of search results – gone.
  • The “connection count” portion of searches – gone.

Seems like the gremlins have been busy…

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock