Experienced Users Read The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Blog

Wow – Thanks for the vote of confidence folks.

Every poll I put up on the site reveals a different aspect about LinkedIn, the users, and this site’s readers. As usual, I didn’t know what to expect, but the numbers don’t lie.

Let’s have a look at February’s poll results.

Large response rate

First off – quite a few people took the time to respond to this poll – so the topic must be of interest. (Visitors only get to see the poll results during the month if they participate in it) ((Handy FYI – if you happen to take the poll early and don’t see too many results, you can come back any time during the month and see the up-to-date numbers, the site remembers that you already voted))

The poll was reasonably simple – how many connections do you have right now?

Close at the top

Early on, I noticed signs that the poll was getting a good response rate, and that it might be close – the top three answers were tied. I was wondering if users might pull others in to influence the vote… (And no, I have a rule about not commenting on the poll mid-month, except of course to suggest people take it if they have not already. Influencing a vote would almost be like setting the poll up to support a pre-conceived notion, and we know that pollsters would NEVER EVER do that, right?)

It was tight even to the end, but the very large category of 501+ led the way, with 201-500 second, and 51-200 close behind. The “rank beginners” edged out those that have “been in it just a little while”, and that’s probably an influence of the book sending newcomers to the site.

Charts and such

I can’t tell you how many people send private messages about these poll result postings. They usually lead with something like “Why do you bury the chart down in the post and make me read the whole thing?!?”

The answer – I know what I’m doing;-) But anyway – here you go.

Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

How many LinkedIn connections do you have right now?

LinkedIn Connection Poll Results


So there you go – this gives me a bit of energy to continue on, and I thank you.

Go ahead, pat yourselves on the back for building great networks.

Next up – do you use a paid account?

So now that we’ve settled what kinds of LinkedIn users read the blog, tell me – do you use a paid account?

I’m not asking if you personally pay for the account, your company might reimburse you for the expense.

And notice – I found three different ways to say “no”-)

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock