LinkedIn is becoming more aggressive about pulling back features – unless users pay for an account.

Most are not so happy about the changes, and a quarter are pulling usage back.

Let’s have a look at January’s poll numbers.

Nobody happy about it

This isn’t a surprise, but I left the “we like it” option in there – somebody might think it’s a good thing.

But no, that’s not the case.

The best we get is the slim response that it doesn’t matter.

Dislike abounds

Yes,  nearly ninety percent of the responses indicate a dislike for the changes at LinkedIn.

Hard to imagine a more nearly uniform response to a poll. (Unless you count the unfavorable opinion of a local politician that sued one of his constituents for medical damages after the politician trespassed in a construction zone and slipped and fell. The homeowner graciously did not press the trespass charges and the politician belongs to the party that wants to limit medical lawsuits – the irony is not lost on anyone…)

Charts and such

All right, all right, here’s the poll. Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

What do you think of new limitations on the LinkedIn site?

Response to a poll asking about LinkedIn service changes


It’s hard to knock results.

People use LinkedIn because it is free, safe, and effective.

Even if it’s a little bit less free today.

Next up – How big is your network?

Looking for a topic for this next poll, I realized that my network has passed a milestone. I just made my 400th connection.

And when you know and trust before connecting, that’s a reasonably difficult feat.  As I mentioned in last week’s post about the visualization of my network – it covers nearly all of the professional, social and personal circles I maintain.

So – how many connections do you have? I’ll be interested to see the selection of readers (and responders) this site brings in.

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock