February 2011

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Evaluating LinkedIn Skills

15 Feb 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn has added a new profile section, “Skills”.

I’ve had a look, but remain on the fence about this.

Perhaps together we can have a look at both ways to use it well and pitfalls to avoid. It seems easy enough, the devil is in the details…

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How Do I …?

03 Feb 2011 | : About the Service


This is perhaps a bit of a rant, and I do apologize in advance…

How many times will people ask the same question?

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Unhappy Changes At LinkedIn

01 Feb 2011 | : About the Service


LinkedIn is becoming more aggressive about pulling back features – unless users pay for an account.

Most are not so happy about the changes, and a quarter are pulling usage back.

Let’s have a look at January’s poll numbers.

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