Cleaning Up LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn has long maintained that certain areas of profiles should be used in the intended way..

You know – names where names belong and stuff like that.

I was taking a look through some of the members that LinkedIn thinks I might know and thought I’d report on what I’m seeing…

50% with profile pictures

This is the first interesting result – I looked at 100 people that LinkedIn suggested I might know, and exactly half of them had a picture next to their name and headline.

So, if you include a picture you’re in with half of the crowd. If you don’t, you’re also in with half of the crowd!-)

names in all lower case

Two entries appeared in all lower case.

I’m not a fan, and I have to believe it is intentional.

And perhaps this is an interesting comment on my own outlook, I sign emails with “steve” in lower case – intentionally, and for effect.

But in something like LinkedIn, it doesn’t appear proper;-)


Only one user has his keyboard caps lock stuck.

I’m also not a fan, and contrary to my joke above think it too is intentional.

Perhaps it comes from being a old-timer on the network, but I don’t know where all-caps is considered friendly.

One email address

No email addresses appeared in the name area, and only one appeared in a headline.

I know LinkedIn has gotten more aggressive about threatening/warning users that obviously include their email address where their name goes, and this to me is a good thing.

Take care with your profile – it sends a message

So here’s another reinforcement.  Some aspects of a profile… not so significant, like the personal choice to display a photo.  Other aspects send a message.  As long as you’ve thought about the message you are sending, you’ll make a good choice.

Carelessly crafting your profile – that too is a message…-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock