LinkedIn appears to have been busy lately – and revamped the way users respond to invitations to connect.

That classic “I Don’t Know” button is gone!

The dreaded don’t know

This has been a “feature” for so long that I bet many old timers don’t even recognize that it is gone yet – I didn’t until I was looking for a screenshot for the “Twelve Days of LinkedIn” video – and noticed it had changed!

In days of yore, getting “don’t know”ed several times indicated that you were inviting people you didn’t know to connect – and very probably annoying a good number of users.

So LinkedIn put those users on a shorter leash and restricted the ways they could invite people to connect.

Happy days?

I’m not sure what might have gone into the system in place of this “feature”, or if LinkedIn doesn’t care about invitation behavior any longer.

I just can’t tell – we’ll see how it goes.

Accept, Reply, Ignore

This is advice I’ve given to readers since way back – when you get an invitation you can accept it (if you know and trust the other person), reply – as in send them a note – if you’d like to clarify anything or answer them, or just ignore the request.

Well – that’s exactly how users can react to invitations now;-)

There never was much of a reason to “don’t know” or turn down a connection request…

Change, it’s a coming…

I’ve often written about how frequently LinkedIn changes – and those changes are not slowing down.

Perhaps I’m less happy about some than others, but we’ll do our best to help you through them.

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Steven Tylock