Not Many Issues With LinkedIn At Work

May’s poll attempted to shed some light on rules about accessing LinkedIn at work…

<insert ominous music here – da-da-da-dum>

Media has written about some draconian policies, and while I have seen a few sites with restrictions, I haven’t seen a whole lot  – So I asked!


I controlled for size of company – larger, smaller, your own. (And there could be trouble – if an owner of a larger company took our poll, I’d expect an answer under “my own” – I mean, if you own it, say so;-) If the poll taker was somewhere in the middle they needed to decide if they were at a larger company or a smaller…  Really – it shouldn’t have presented much of a problem.

And then the answer was a choice – can use LinkedIn, cannot use it, or the use of it is encouraged!

Everyone Can!

I’m going to breakout the big news first – none of our poll respondents indicated that they cannot use LinkedIn at work!




16% of those at a large company were encouraged to use LinkedIn!

All of the people at smaller companies are able to use LinkedIn, but none are encouraged to do so.

75% of those that own their own company encourage the use of LinkedIn (and a small portion use it, but do not encourage its use…)

Edge to the smaller companies

Nearly twice as many people from smaller or self owned companies took part in the survey, but that’s not a shock.  If I had to characterize larger company employees, I’d say they still think that LinkedIn is the site they want to get to after they receive a pink slip. (Even though my readers know how flawed that logic is – but what can we do – just keep forwarding the notes you get from this site and we’ll keep trying to get them to understand.)

Next up – quick – what browser are you using right now?!?

Yes – I’ll reveal my hidden trick when this poll is over, but right here and right now, I’d like you to click on whatever browser you are using at this moment.  (Ok, if for some reason you looked at this site with your non-favorite browser and want to make sure your favorite gets noticed, go ahead and vote now and then come back with the other browser and vote again – I think that’ll work) ((egads – did I just tell my readers how to skew poll results?  I better turn myself in to the internet poll agency!))

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock