Publishing Too Soon

The LinkedIn Personal Trainer suggests you think twice about “breaking the news” on your profile or through an update.

That is – if it isn’t supposed to be published yet!

It looks like Apple may be buying a company and has not announced it yet, but news is leaking out anyway.  And one of those sources? Individuals at said company saying so on their LinkedIn profiles!

First of the year

Last year I pointed out several instances when this sort of information leaked out about both Apple and Microsoft. Use the site search button on the right column to look for “Microsoft”, “Apple”, or “Sekrit”.

Not just big companies

Sure, perhaps you don’t work for one of the big companies, but that isn’t the only way you might draw attention.

  • Perhaps like in this case your company is going to be bought by one of them
  • Or maybe you compete against them
  • And perhaps you’re the contract company doing the actual work…

Mums the word

Any way about it, you shouldn’t be mentioning the great new announcement until the people that are making that announcement choose to do so.

And talking about it as having happened in a public place is the same thing as announcing it.

Oh – and here’s the new report on about the happenings over at Apple

Don’t get stuck…

And given the frequency of these sorts of events, perhaps it’s unrealistic to think that it won’t happen.

How about this then – make sure it’s somebody else making the apology for doing so – or worse – looking for a new job…

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock