LinkedIn Hiring

Here on the, I thought you might enjoy some good news for the week – LinkedIn appears ready to fill over seven dozen positions across the world.

Good for them I say;-)

I took a quick look and will show you where.

Through their own site of course…

LinkedIn is a great site for job seekers and if that’s true, it has to be a good site for companies looking to fill openings as well. In addition to the regular elements of finding and reaching out to people, the site supports job postings.

LinkedIn naturally has access to its own service. (Though I bet the job posting group bills that usage back to the other functional areas of the company;-)

To see LinkedIn’s job postings (and there are other ways to do this), use the “About” link at the bottom of the page, and then the “Work for LinkedIn” link on the left side.

Besides all the other fluffy stuff to let you know about working for LinkedIn, you’ll find a “jobs” tab on that page, select that.

That’ll list all currently open jobs at LinkedIn – 91 by my count.

Great if you’re in California

I was able to search and sort these into the following locations:

  • Mountain View – 64 (this is the main company office of course)
  • San Francisco – 11
  • London – 5
  • New York – 4
  • Also listed: Chicago, Toronto, Dublin, Sydney, Mumbai

Unfortunately I don’t see “Rochester, NY” in that list;-)

On the upswing

I just took another look – all of those positions are from the last week in January, or the first couple here in February.

So I’d say the company just finished its strategic planning and put those plans in motion.


To your continued success,


Steven Tylock