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That’s right, another one of my ‘doh moments this week. Follow along for a laugh, and to find out how…

Following the site

So there it was, another one of those in-person networking situations.

The good side was that yes, they knew of me, knew that this site existed, and had even read a couple of the articles.

But then they said “I have to admit though, I don’t get back to the site very often.”

And I followed up with – “What, you don’t get a notice when I put out a new article?”



This problem has been solved before;-)

So – this issue has come up – often enough that the internet world has solved it.

So let me explain….

Publishers (like me) have long lamented the fact that people can find a “good” site, read things over, and then disappear.

Oh, they bookmark the site, and mean well, but they don’t come back that often and eventually forget about the site.

The solution?

A quick push of an update – through email or this Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology.

An email update

I’ll mention this one first because it appeals to many.

How would you like a short email that contains the headline and first couple paragraphs of every post that goes up here?

You can have your mail client automatically put a label on it too. If the topic interests you, there’ll be a link and you can pop over to read the rest of the article.  If it doesn’t, you just delete the note.

No fuss, no muss.

To do that – click on the “READ THE FEED!” -> “Subscribe by Email” link in the top right corner and follow those instructions.

(And yes, if you ever want to stop getting them, that’ll happen when you follow the instructions contained in the emails.  I’d never sell or otherwise give your email addresses away, that’s just plain wrong…)

RSS – Simple, Really…

The other way to subscribe is with RSS technology – many email clients offer this – personally, I use gmail and the google reader.

This allows you to follow many many web sites without continually checking in on them.

A couple years back I wrote a detailed article on RSS – “Would you like that web site delivered“. If you’re interested, read that article, get yourself an RSS browser/client and use the “READ THE FEED!” -> “Subscribe by RSS” link instead.

Useful everywhere

If you find this helpful, do two things:

  • Sign up for other web sites you like to follow but don’t like to check back on.
  • Tell your friends (and direct them here;-)

And for you “we like to use technology that has been around for a while” people (see the poll in the right column) – RSS has been around for a while;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock