Olympic Sized Connections

With the beginning of the games in Vancouver, I thought I’d see how connected I was…

Hopefully you’ll indulge me in this – it should be a fun exploration.

Directly – not so much

With a keyword search on Olympic OR Olympian, just one connection comes up when I look for first degree contacts – and the reference is to an institution that happens to have Olympic in the name, oh well.

Second level – wow

Swapping out first degree connections for second gives more than a hundred, so I’ve got to refine the search.

Looking under title only takes the number to 11, and they’re  an interesting collection:

  • Olympic athlete at Torino and Vancouver
  • Gold and Silver medalist for the Swiss at Sydney
  • Catering Management at Beijing
  • IT Manager at Vancouver
  • Development Manager for USA Wrestling
  • Student and Researcher at Beijing
  • Village HR Manager at Athens
  • Olympic Intern in 2005
  • Gold Medalist for the USA at Nagano
  • Architect of phone/data services for Vancouver
  • Marketing and Sales for Sydney
  • Organizing Committee for Athens

That’s a pretty good representation across the years.

How connected are you?

Can you find ties to the games? Go ahead, let us know – just no names.

And more generally though – see how it’s done?  Have an idea – just check to see.  You might be surprised at the connections you have.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock