Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed…

A recent commenter on my “Someone’s Been Sitting In My Chair” article mentioned that they like to check into the people that viewers of a particular profile have also viewed. (Thanks Wil!-)

My first reaction and reply back was that the information was good only for other people’s profiles, but when I was writing this article, I realized a nifty way to use this feature  to see who else viewers of your profile viewed – you’ll want to see this!

Who else interests the viewers of this profile

This block of information is located on the right column of data down a ways when you look at any profile – go ahead, pull up a second browser window/tab and check.

Just how does this get populated?

LinkedIn keeps track of profiles that each user accesses – and appears to have some algorithm to store data on what other profiles an individual examined.  There’s no telling from the outside if these other profiles are visited before or after, or in what time frame.

The data is probably from the last 2-5 visitors and drops off after some period of time or gets replaced by new visitor data.

Interesting patterns

When one uses LinkedIn to recruit, the also vieweds would be co-candidates for a position.

When one reaches out to those working on a past project, the also vieweds would be co-workers or team members.

When one is looking for specific individuals for research purposes, the also vieweds would have similar characteristics…

The gist being – others are in this “also viewed” list because when people found this profile, they also found these other profiles.  Some characteristic is common between the profiles.

And that can be an interesting bit of information;-)

For yourself

My quick response to Wil was that this “also viewed” information was good only for other people’s profiles – and I was mistaken.

If you’d like to see the profiles that are associated with your own profile – click under “View My Profile” – and see your own profile as others do – complete with the “Viewers of this profile also viewed…” section!-)

This will show you other profiles that viewers of your own profile viewed.  Anything interesting going on there?

By the way…

While you’re in this view of your own profile, check it over and see what other people see when they look at your profile.  Are there any typos or sections of oddly formatted text that you’d like to fix?-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock