It’s OK Not To Tweet

Even if all your associates are suggesting you have to tweet or get going with facebook, you have my official permission to ignore them – and those sites. (at least for now)

And here’s why…

You might not be ready

Let’s suppose for a moment that you’re new to LinkedIn – this is an almost overwhelming experience for you, and you’d like to get comfortable before you extend yourself to another platform.

You might not care

Twitter and Facebook are very much “out there” in the world.  The things people publish on them are available for a very large audience.

And you might not care about telling others the “social” things that you’re up to.

Publicity might not be important

If you’re looking for a way to attract attention, it might make sense – but what if you’re just going along with your life? What if the whole concept of broadcasting “what’s going on” doesn’t resonate with you…

You might not have enough time

You’ve already got a job, a family, and a set of interests. Trying to find time every day to check into “what’s going on” is going to be difficult. (And then there’s the extra time required to investigate the site, learn how to use it, setup your account, get and install software, and deal with the issues that invariably come up – and that’s all before you become active!)

Me – I’m in this bucket – I currently don’t use twitter or facebook.

When talking with others they hear about how active I am, they will often say that I’m involved in a lot of different things.  (and I guess I am) But one of the things I have learned to do is say no – to more activity. In order to take on “another” activity, I have to find some current activity that I’d be ready to set aside.

And I’m not ready to set anything else aside to tweet…

And that’s ok

So if you’ve been feeling stress because you don’t want to participate in another of these social sites and that conflicts with “the buzz that you’re hearing”, don’t worry, it’s ok – you have my permission to skip out. (Not that you really need it;-)

Keep your eyes and ears open and perhaps you’ll be more ready in the future.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock