TLPT Seminar with the Rochester Business Alliance

So – I’ve been working with the Rochester Business Alliance to schedule a LinkedIn seminar and we’ve agreed to hold it on the morning of June 26th.

Thought this would make a nice short post as I’ve gotten several inquiries about holding a local event.

Navigating LinkedIn: Your Online Business Network

The seminar will cover LinkedIn from the business professional’s point of view.

Because we’re likely to attract complete novices to the event I’m going to cover the system from scratch – concepts, profile setup, connections, and introductions. (I’ve found that if I skip one of these it still gets brought up in the Q&A section;-)

Using the system

And yes, I’ll move from explaining why LinkedIn is helpful to how-to-use LinkedIn so that those with some experience that come to the seminar will move forward. (Though they often enjoy the profile construction aspects just as much – because they never really learned how to do that;-)

Open Q&A – or – Stump The Expert

And finally yes – the seminar will end with open questions.  Sometimes it’s to clarify a point an attendee didn’t quite understand the first time around.  Other times it’s to extend an idea that they hit on while I covered a related topic. And once in a while a ringer in the crowd puts out a zinger of a question.  (And so even those that come to the seminar with a fair amount of experience will come up to me afterwords and say they got some good advice out of it;-)

Signup online

So – if you’d like to signup, get over to the registration page on the RBA web site (click here)

If you get to the event, please mention that you also read the blog – I’d love to hear that.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock