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Last year at about this time, I mentioned that many LinkedIn profiles lacked one and suggested that people  “Build a Summary for your Profile“.  And quoting myself, I said “It’s the high level overview of your personal brand, the space where you convince the reader you’ve got what it takes.”

A fellow group member just wrote a very nice article about how to create a “Personal Brand”, and pointed it out on the group.  Since I don’t have a whole lot to tell you about how to create your own personal brand (just that you need one), I thought it might make a good resource to forward to you.

First things first – group membership helps bring things to your attention

I might never have seen this article if I didn’t belong to the group (for current and former Kodak employees).

And even after that, I needed to actually scan those emails that LinkedIn sends out saying “so-and-so posted this information” to notice it…

How to start thinking about your personal brand

So read Chris Perry’s article “Personal Branding Begins with Personal Brand” to get some ideas about how to figure out what your personal brand might be.

And like the rest of LinkedIn, you’re not required to perfect your brand the very first time you start working on it.  You’re free to come up with version 1.0, try it on for a few weeks and see if it fits – and then start making subtle improvements such as version 1.1, or more major changes to version 2.0;-)

And a note about the author…

Readers of this blog will recognize that Chris does not follow my recommendations, but is a prolific LinkedIn connector.  He’s a member of the LIONs – LinkedIn Open Networkers.

That shouldn’t stop anyone from reading his advice – or if you find something in common, building a relationship.

And interestingly enough, I wrote “Take What You want – It’s OK” four years ago – and it still applies;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock


  1. I got an error message when trying to read/click-on Chris Perry’s article: “Personal Branding Begins with Personal Brand”. Any ideas how I can read the article?


    Not Found
    The requested URL /2009/04/personal-branding-begins-with-personal.html was not found on this server.

  2. David,

    It appears that web site reorganized things – I’ve located the article in its new spot and relinked to it. Thanks for pointing that out.


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