The LinkedIn Personal Trainer in South Carolina

This event featuring me as a speaker is on the LinkedIn Calendar, is yours?

If you haven’t already found it, it’s time to start using the LinkedIn “Events” application.  Select this link to add the Events application.  On this page you should see the instructions on the right to add it, just click that button.

Easy enough, right?

Finding an event

Ok, so search for an event – search for this upcoming event in Greenville, SC – just type “greenville” in the search box and see what comes up.

As I’m writing this, I see 10 events that match – and can narrow the search with additional options to the right.

Setting up your event

Click on the “Add an Event” tab to do just that.  I’m sure you can make your way through the page – and fill in your specific details.

Go ahead and put an event in just to get experience working through the process once.  The next time you have something coming up you’ll be ready to promote it.

Looking forward to these workshops

So as I said, I’ve got an upcoming event “Using LinkedIn to Build Your Career” in Greenville South Carolina.  Thomas Parry has done a great job setting this up, and I’m looking forward to the trip, workshops, and evening networking session.

Drop a comment if you’re in the Greenville area, looking to make better use of LinkedIn, and hesitant about registering for the event – otherwise I’ll see you there;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock


  1. Steven: We are all excited about you coming to the Upstate. Workshop are filling fast and Thursday night will be a standing room only crowd! Folks are hungry to hear how to best use LinkedIn.


  2. Thomas,

    Great to hear, this is a beautiful time of year. I think people are ready for everything to sprout – including their careers;-)


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