Jason Alba’s got some great advice posted over on the Jibber Jobber Blog that you’ve got to take – grab a copy of your LinkedIn profile and contact information today – and repeat at regular intervals.

Backup your data

It’s really no different with LinkedIn than any other computing platform – the time to realize you don’t have a copy of your data is not moments after it’s gone… You’ve got to take measures on a regular schedule to save your data so that if technology fails, an individual makes a mistake, or somebody sets out to harm you, your information exists in another (safe) location.

You can do that following Jason’s instructions here.

Somebody else’s whim

An extra issue with LinkedIn’s service is that you don’t control the management of that service. If “they” decide to cancel your account for some bizarre reason, they can do so – and you don’t have any recourse. Sure, you can ask to have it put back, but what if they can’t put back your profile or contacts?

Don’t forget your groups…

If you’ve developed a group, don’t forget to export your group membership for the very same reason.

Until later – enjoy LinkedIn, and keep yourself (and your data) safe.