Group Search Available On LinkedIn

A longstanding request of the LinkedIn community to be able to find out what groups exist has been satisfied by LinkedIn this week as they rolled out “Search Groups” last night.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than what you could find out yesterday!-)

Access to search

The “Search” button on the top right now has a “Groups” entry in the drop down. Under the “Groups” -> “Groups Directory” tab you will also find a search area.

Search terms

Items you type into the search text entry box will be matched against the group name as well as the group description. Your standard search advice applies – use obvious terms, but also get a bit creative. There are 90,000+ groups to search from!

Category of group

The search block under the “Groups” tab includes a category pull down so that you can restrict your search to one of the classifications of groups such as “Alumni”.

Problems revealed…

Next post – what we didn’t know about groups, and the setup for the next shakeup of the groups feature…



  1. A question about finding your name on the linkedin name directory.

    I purchased and read your book. It was very helpful and I recommend it to all to get going on Linkedin.

    I have one further question. I have completely set up my profile on linkedin

    yet when you just do a name search for Greg Lynch my name does not appear on the Linkedin “Greg Lynch Directory”. What gets your name to show up on that directory list?

  2. Greg,

    That’s odd…

    I see your web link profile, and also see your regular profile in the system.

    Your name is not in the directory of Greg Lynch variants at

    There isn’t anything to “do” to get your name in there, so I’m at a loss.

    You could check how much of your profile is published on the web at “Edit My Profile” -> “Edit Public Profile Settings”.


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