Enhance Your Relationships – Notice Things

So you’ve followed my advice and have connected to several dozen people you know and trust – how then does LinkedIn help you enhance your relationship with those individuals?

Take an interest in them!

Take the time to find out what’s happening in their lives…

LinkedIn updates

As I mentioned earlier in the month – LinkedIn will provide updates on your front page or through an RSS reader – updates on who your connections are adding to their network, and what changes they’re making to their profile. You just have to read about them.

Scan your connections

And while it’s not something you’ll want to do every day or even every week, you may want to take the time to review your connections periodically – to see what they’ve been up to. (perhaps you missed the update notice)

Quick note – Congrats!

New jobs are almost always something you’ll want to congratulate them about – so do it. “Peter, just noticed you’ve started at Acme Software Development – congratulations. If I can be of any help with this new position, just let me know.”

How’s that – offer both congratulations and assistance – but only if it’s genuine and you intend to follow through if they do ask for your help!

Next post – introducing two people who should know each other.

To your continued success with LinkedIn,



  1. Great entry!

    I think we’re all guilty of forgetting to be friendly and genuine when we’re focused on ourselves and growing our network. I am DEFINITELY guilty of this! I’m going to make a conscious effort to be more active and engaged with my LinkedIn network.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Gina,

    Thanks for the note – I wasn’t trying to guilt you into action, but if it makes a positive impact on your networking, I’ll take credit for it;-)


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