A Group for TLPT Readers

Writing (and presenting) is often a one way street – the writer (speaker) becomes well known by the reader (listener). Heck, who am I kidding – fan clubs get started because an author develops a following;-)

But remember where I write that you should connect to people you know…

As a writer and speaker, it puts me in an awkward position – A seminar attendee may feel that they know me well, trust me completely, and are ready to connect. But from my perspective, I might remember their face from the crowd, and think they asked a good question, but really don’t know them.

Practice what you preach

And I preach selective connection because it works better – so I’ve got to be selective about who I connect to.

At the same time, I want to support the development of relationships and training on LinkedIn groups.

So I’ve created the group “LinkedIn Collaborators” – membership is open to individuals that have been exposed to the blog, the book, a seminar, or a teleseminar, and want to explore groups and connect to me.

Open to networking

I’m very public about my contact information – you’re welcome to post a comment or question or send me an email – that’s how we’ll develop a relationship that may lead to a connection.

Exploring groups

Once you’ve joined the group you can access the “My Groups” tab in LinkedIn and try searching as well as introducing yourself through the group. I’ll write on groups more in the future, but go ahead and explore them now.

To join the LinkedIn “TLPT Collaborators” group, click on this link.