Smoke And Mirrors

I probably don’t mean to imply deception as mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for Smoke and Mirrors, but it seemed a good metaphor for the topic at hand – LinkedIn’s “Updated” look.

LinkedIn has revamped the home page in an attempt to look better / cooler.

Is it better – sure. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Probably not…

Out with the old, in with the new

I was sure that section heading would lead to a wonderful reference site that’d really make this blog post, but alas “the internets” has left me high and dry…

Instead, I’ll link to this “Calvin and Hobbes” that has Nostradamus-like foresight and clearly inspired many of today’s executives – who knew that business model would work so well?

In any case – it’s always a good idea to swap out the dated look and swap in the new trendy look.

Just remember – polyester was trendy in the 70s…


Actual changes – that’s the thing to consider.

Has the new page changed in a way that helps you?

(And please consider this a real question – I’d love your feedback)

I notice a couple things:

  • It’s got more “update” space. And this gets an “ugh” from me – I’ve already told you how I grab my network updates in an RSS feed – because with many many updates in a day, I really don’t want to scroll down and see them, but I would like a way to get them efficiently. The net effect is my computer is spending resources keeping the page up to date, and so I’ll exit out of my LinkedIn browser tab to keep the system from doing that.
  • It added a “LinkedIn Today” block. Another “ugh” – I really don’t want to get news on LinkedIn, especially news that LinkedIn has decided I should look at. (Even more so if that “news” is sponsored in some way…) Thankfully, when I hovered over the top right corner, it asked me if I wanted to “hide” that section – yes please!
  • Images in the updates. Yes, we’re in a visual world, but when the page auto-loads dozens of images, it soaks up the resources of my computer and internet connection.Well – I don’t see a way to configure it to only display text, so that gives me one more reason to avoid the LinkedIn home page.
  • Companies You May Want To Follow… Hmmm – no – I don’t really care to follow companies, and it’s too bad you’re taking up prime right column space with this section. And nope – I can’t remove or relocate this section. Hmmm… I wonder if any of those companies have given funds to LinkedIn to get such a placement…

More? Right now I can’t identify other large changes (or issues) right now, but given the fluidity of LinkedIn’s site, it just might be that I can’t recall what it looked like before.

I suppose if I pull out some of the screenshots I keep for training sessions when the internet isn’t working…

Back to the smoke

Smoke – that’s a reference to obscuring. You can’t see because the smoke is in the way.

If I’m making changes that affect you, I might throw up a smokescreen and make the change while you can’t tell what’s what.

Afterwords I can say it always was the way you see it now…-)

And the mirror

The mirror refers to misdirection. It isn’t the way you see it, but the way the mirror is showing it to you.

Perhaps the kiddies will like the new “socially fun” LinkedIn.

Me – I’ll use it because there’s no choice. And I won’t be using it more…


The ability to find, research, and reach out to individuals – that’s the most important aspect of LinkedIn.

And the changes don’t seem to have affect that – a good thing.

I’m going to keep my eye on those aspects as the changes roll out.

You know – to make sure the man in the box doesn’t end up somewhere else during all this commotion;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock