Some Influential People Read The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

We took a relaxed attitude about August’s poll and gave readers a chance to claim their influence – and it appears readers of this blog think they have some, but perhaps not a significant amount of influence.

The good side is that nobody thought they had no influence!-)

Some of the time

If that’s how you answered, you’re in the largest grouping of readers.

Perhaps readers don’t have that much influence, or perhaps they’re rather humble.

Or perhaps the ones that consider themselves influential couldn’t be bothered to click an answer…

Charts and such

The buses are running on-time – I’m not sure if the readership really cares, but there’s no chance of flame-mail on the timing of this poll result. (Especially since I’m writing most of it a day ahead with a planned update for late votes…)

Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

Do you consider yourself influential?

Influence Poll Results

Results of Influence Poll

Never say never

Nobody indicated they never considered themselves influential, and that’s a good thing. I don’t care who you are, you have some influence – at least over things like what to eat for dinner or which show to watch on the tele.

It’s a state of mind

Here’s one aspect – when I came up with the answers, the ends of the spectrum seemed clear – never and absolutely. But notice that absolutely doesn’t really have a time frame involved. You can be absolutely influential and still only have influence some of the time…

My hat is off to the quarter of the respondents that stepped up and absolutely claimed their influence.

Most, some, and rarely

So the middle answers looks like a fairly standard sort of distribution – a bunch in the center with less to the sides.

I do expect that people have more influence than they think they do, except for the megalomaniacs of course…

Next up – how prolific is your profile?

Let’s switch things up to a contest of sorts – how many times in the last 30 days has your profile been viewed?

This lets me point to the Goldilocks-esque posting of “Someone’s Been Sitting In My Chair (Again) …” and say: ok, we’re not interested in who, but how many.

LinkedIn will say something like “In the past 7 days, your profile has been viewed 8 times” – take that figure, and convert to 30 days. In this case, we’ll just multiply by 4 which would be for 28 days and say the answer is 32 times, and then click accordingly. If LinkedIn says 3 times in 60 days, well, you’re in the 0-9 range…

Let’s see how often readers have their profiles looked at – ok?

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock