Avoid LinkedIn Introductions At Your Own Peril!

More LinkedIn users have no experience with Introductions than have positive experience!

Last month’s poll highlights a growing concern I have had – that LinkedIn users weren’t connecting with the single best feature of LinkedIn – the introduction.

So let’s see how how deep this disconnect goes…

The introduction

If I give you the option of getting introduced to the most significant VIP that your circle of 20 most trusted professional connections have, would you take me up on it?

To make a sale?

To find a job?

To hire a great candidate?

To raise venture funds?

To find a business supplier or partner?

And if you’ve answered no – WHY NOT?!?

That’s what LinkedIn can do, but apparently that message is failing to make an impact.

The process

Not enough space here to tell you how – but you can find articles in the “Introductions” category of archives on the right, or look in “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” for instructions.


Whenever you want to meet someone, that’s when.

First you use the search functionality of the system to find the person you’d most like to meet, then you get introduced.

Charts and such

For this month’s poll, I’ve sorted the answers into three categories, first those that have never sent an introduction request; then those that have successfully sent an introduction; and finally those that have never successfully sent an introduction.

Chart of LinkedIn Introduction Use

Have you used LinkedIn’s Introduction feature?

Never ever

As you can see, 38% of respondents have never sent or received a LinkedIn introduction.


A third ok

Just one third of the users have sent and received ok, or has sent ok and just hasn’t had anyone send them something.

That’s a small group for such a useful feature.

A third with problems

And this last third is distressing.  They just have had not success with the feature.

And that can’t be good.

So here – let’s do some helping.  Leave a comment with an indication of what happened when you sent or received an introduction and it didn’t work out.

Clearly we can’t be getting into the nitty gritty of why Fred didn’t respond when you wanted to extend the offer for him to make money with your new not-an-MLM system (that really is), but we ought to be able to look at the communication aspects and see what’s going on.

Next up – Have you created a Personal Brand?

Since this was as enlightening as it was, let’s check the other push I suggest in all of my training – the creation of a personal brand.

Do you have one?

I’ve tried to give a large set of answers.  Yes or no are fine, but if you’d like to make a statement about the topic, I’ve got a few other variations to use…

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock