Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part X

Connecting to thousands of people you don’t know …

So let’s wrap this up – and answer the really big question – why does this matter?!?

For that, we must return one more time into the breach…

Accepting someone’s line

Every LinkedIn user will at some point be accosted by people they don’t know suggesting that the best connection strategy for the site is to connect to people indiscriminately – including this current request if it wouldn’t be too much trouble…

And this confuses many new users.

The lines are smooth and sweet smelling – and now that you know what’s being sold, you can make up your own mind.

(and you can point here to let others know because there’s bound to be some authority figure shouting about all the benefits of the indiscriminate strategy…)

All of the myths

So here’s an link to each of the articles in the Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths series:

Sure – there are more, but they revolve around these core elements.

Decide for yourself

And I’m not really an ogre about this – I am adamant, but if you know what you’re getting and what you’re giving up, the choice on how to use LinkedIn is up to you.

I don’t go around complaining about other users – I do object when they insist that connecting indiscriminately is better and has all these benefits… at least now there’s a cohesive point by point explanation of all of these so-called benefits.

Just because you say it over and over doesn’t mean it is true

While commenting on this series during this past week someone suggested that I must not appreciate communication…

That is furthest from the truth – I am all for communication – and relationships, meeting new people, and networking.

And none of those things requires connecting on LinkedIn to achieve;-)

But why?

Because I want to make sure impressionable new users don’t get convinced that the best way to use LinkedIn is to connect indiscriminately…

All of the powerful parts of LinkedIn – the research, introductions, and receiving information about your network – work when you know and care about the people you connect to.

And if new users don’t see the value in LinkedIn because they have been misled about connections, they won’t stay or appreciate the environment.

Moving ahead

Well – it looks like I have just a few days to come up with a new topic – let’s see what springs to mind.  I know the poll on browsers is going to be an interesting one come the end of the month. Two of the selections are running away with it. Have you voted yet?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock