Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part VIII

Connecting to thousands of people you don’t know is the best way to drive traffic to your web site!

The myth list is nearing the end, but there’s still a couple more we must talk about before we can put this issue to rest.

And it is interesting, one of my readers, Kurt (don’t worry about which one – there are only 27,000 Kurts on LinkedIn), thinks I am beating a dead horse, but he manages to find out new and interesting things each time I write on the subject, so it does seem to be a different way to think about the system – and worth the time to investigate.

And hey – who doesn’t want more traffic on their web site – I know I do!

So let’s figure out how this could work.

Pointing at your web site

This part of the equation is old news for regular readers, right?  I’ve mentioned web address a couple times here.

Most recently I told you how to use the LinkedIn profile effect to boost your page’s ranking:

And earlier to not only include your web page on your profile, but refer to it by name:

So boosting web page traffic doesn’t necessarily require connecting…

Connecting to those random people

I think the logic goes like this – by connecting to people that don’t know you, they will be able to view your profile and follow the link from your profile to your web site.

Because they really want to learn more about you.

And later on, you can use those status updates to let them know that you’ve published a new article.

(See where this is going?-)

Viewing your profile

So someone who has found your profile in order to ask you to connect needs that connection to be able to view your profile again?


That’s right – they stumbled across your LinkedIn presence in some manner and could just as easily have followed the web link within your profile to your web site.

They don’t need to connect to get there.

Because they’re interested in meeting you

And by extension can only meet you by connecting…


Remember that whole “introduction” bit, or how anyone can contact anyone without too much of a hassle?

They don’t need to connect to learn more about you from your website – but don’t worry – most of them really aren’t interested in you anyway. Otherwise they’d take the time to ask for an introduction, or even send a message  with their connection request that had some actual thought put into it.

But you can reach out with your updates…

Well even if they aren’t interested in you, you can still spam them with your update messages.


Remember – they’re getting a thousand of those per day, and have no way to keep up.

House of …

It is as they say, a house of cards – the mere fact that you include your web site(s) on your profile means that people will find them.

You don’t have to connect to strangers to make that happen.

Do you have a web site anyway?

Oh – there is that…  Not everyone has a web site and even cares about this.

So if you don’t have a web site it isn’t significant. If you do – well – it’s still insignificant;-)

Next up

So why is it that people want all these connections – especially yours?  I’ll pick that up in the next installment, and then maybe we can wrap this all up.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock