Most LinkedIn Users Multi-Network

October’s poll results reveal an interesting pattern – that most users are involved in more than one networking site.

But you know me – it’s never that simple – let’s have some fun…


Besides being the loneliest number, it’s the most frequent response to the poll “How many Social Media sites from this list do you have an account on? [LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter]”

Now, presumably all eleven of the respondents (30%) are using LinkedIn, but as you’ll see later, that might not be completely accurate.

Two and Three

Both of these responses received ten responses (27%), and so clearly quite a few people are using more than one system.

I didn’t ask which of the system were being used, but I’d guess that Twitter and Facebook are the most likely system that are used alongside LinkedIn.


A small but very present group answered that they use all four – four (11%).

That shows a whole lot of dedication to the social media phenomenon.


I included this category for completeness, but didn’t think it would get used.  Apparently I was mistaken as two responders (5%) indicated that they didn’t use any of the sites.

One option is that that they were reading The LinkedIn Personal Trainer web site to investigate LinkedIn before starting to use it.

The other – as indicated in the Results For The Great LinkedIn Personal Trainer Poll Poll is that certain individuals selected a false answer…

Singularly myself

My answer – just the one.  I’m not yet interested in the other platforms – and I’m ok with that.

The next poll is trying to get an understanding of the age old question, when do you spend time on the LinkedIn site?

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To your continued success,

Steven Tylock