TV Pilot Today And Training Event Friday!

Two things that just can’t wait:

  • I helped tape a pilot for a new show called Employment INsights the other week, and they’ve got a preview out.
  • If you happen to be local, I’ll be training with The Project Solvers this Friday.

It was an interesting process to tape the show, and I’ve got a couple links for you to check these out.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects

We built this event for project managers over the summer and have tweaked it for this second run.

In the morning I’ll concentrate on the LinkedIn system itself.  We found that a number of attendees needed a soup-to-nuts introduction to LinkedIn, and this half day will provide that – in a workshop format. Click here for more information on the LinkedIn Introduction Workshop during the morning of the Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects event.

In the afternoon we’ll turn to applying LinkedIn to project management.  It will build on the base we’ve already established (either because attendees have the experience, or they attended the morning event), and cover more advanced topics and ways to work with project teams through LinkedIn. Click here for more information on the afternoon session of Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects.

Both events are “workshop” format – so participants will be working along on their own laptops as we cover the material.

Employment INsights

I’ve been taped before, but this was a chance to sit in a studio and see how things really happen;-)

My introduction to the show’s producer, Carol White Llewellyn, took place a while back, and it was a question of when we would be able to work on a project together, not if.

I’m familiar with the host of the show as well as the other guests, and we had a great time on the taping. Hannah directed our attention in various directions, and we each offered an answer based on our strengths and perspective.

They’re continuing to edit the material and approach sponsors – if you have a thought in this area, you can contact Carol directly through that site. If you and I happen to have a relationship, you know my feelings about how to leverage that;-)

And before I forget – watch a preview of Employment INsights here.

More to come…

We taped material for a half hour show – I’ll be interested in seeing how the whole episode works out.

Until then…

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock

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  1. Steve –

    It was a delight working with you, Hannah and the other panelists on Employment INsights. You each brought your expertise to bear, offering a fine-tuned and comprehensive look on how social media contributes to a job search and career management.

    Many thanks for sharing your INsights!


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