This one comes with a bit of a confession on my part as I didn’t realize this had happened until I was in the middle of an event showing some of the better (and non-spammy) ways to use LinkedIn for marketing.

(But you always have to stay on your toes with LinkedIn – Thursdays seem to be their prime days for making changes, and that means that when you walk into an event on Friday, things might have changed considerably overnight;-)

In any case – I was explaining how to set things so that group “summary-of-activity” messages get delivered daily, weekly, or never at all – and realized that for some reason, the group was currently set not to give me any messages at all.

That’s not what I remembered setting it as, so I thought it would be an interesting investigation and overview…

Group settings

First and foremost – every LinkedIn user has individual control over each group that he or she belongs to.

This control is managed from a “My Settings” screen that can be found under “My Groups” – “Group Name” – “Go To” – “Settings”, or within an individual group tab and “More” – “My Settings”.

The settings are just for that group, so if you belong to more than one, be sure to check each.

Available options

Let’s have a look at them:

Visibility Settings

Group Logo

This determines if the group logo is visible on your profile.  Now – I’d like to suggest that you may belong to groups that you don’t want to make visible on your profile.

Let’s suppose that you happen to belong to a group for people trying to find a job.

If you’ve got a job, you don’t really want to display that logo – and if you don’t have a job, you still may not want to display it!-)  But you’d definitely like to belong to the group.  So just set it so the group logo does not display on your profile.

Contact Settings

Contact Email

When there is activity in this group, you can direct it to any account that you have added to your LinkedIn profile.  I don’t have a particular reason to change this from my main LinkedIn email setting, but you may choose to do so.

Digest Email

Here’s where you configure how often to get notices about activity – daily (if any), weekly, or never.

Some groups you don’t really care about monitoring, and others you may want to stay on top of.


The manager of a group is able to send a weekly announcement – do you want to accept it?  I’d suggest “no” only if the manager has abused this privilege.

Member Messages

And lastly, you can allow other group members to send you a message.  This is a great feature for you to reach out with, and for others as well. If you want others to be receptive to you, you ought to be receptive to them, so I’d recommend this as well. (And understand if a specific group causes too much unwelcome traffic – just turn the one group off)

Lastly – the page points to “Network Updates” settings – those configure if and how many different updates are shown on your LinkedIn home page.  Those settings are global for your account.

My recommendation – go through all of the groups you belong to and at least review your existing settings.

Changed settings

I was confident that I had changed only some of my group settings to not get updates, and left the others alone (so that I would receive messages).

But during this session, I found one group had been configured not to send me anything.

Afterwords, I checked others, and found several more were also set differently than I remembered.  Another user also shared a similar (and equally hard to verify) tale.

I’m not sure how, but my best guess is that LinkedIn changed the “default” and went through the system and everywhere it found the old default (unmodified by the user) it changed those settings to the new default.

And let’s recall here – I have no hard factual basis for this guess (because I have no connection to the company), and it is an educated guess – it’s just that the evidence that I see leads me to it…

The important thing is that something I thought I had set appeared different. (for whatever reason)

So check your settings!

But the advice I have at the end of the day is that you should revisit your group settings and check.

It’s possible that a group that you enjoyed monitoring through those emails isn’t sending them anymore.

Fun and exciting

LinkedIn has never had an effective process to communicate to the user population.  So it’s difficult to say if they meant to do this or it just happened.

While you might get a notice once in a while, it just isn’t the company’s style – but hey – that’s why you keep coming back here, right?

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock