Book Signing to Support Children’s Literacy at Barnes and Noble

The appeal was simple: “Steve, The Syracuse Alumni Club of Rochester is holding a book fair to raise funds for children’s literacy.  As a local author, would you be willing to sign books for an hour to help support this?”

My response was just as simple: “Count me in!”

Their event was set for September 26th and 27th – and it looks like that weekend is coming up, so I’ve got plans to be out there on Sunday.

Ok it was a little more wordy than that…

The note from Eric was a little more wordy than that, but my paraphrasing of it is the details I got out of it. He made sure to mention things like the times and dates, exactly how the support goes, other local authors they had lined up, and how we’ll all get to hold cute puppies and such…

My response was exactly as written, though I added that I could be there on Sunday but not Saturday.

How it works

The SU Alumni Club has done all the work to organize and publicize the event, and they have a flier with a special code that Barnes & Noble has setup.

For every purchase made on the 26th and 27th where the purchaser presents this flier before they start ringing up the items, the V.J. Stanley Children’s Literacy Fund will receive a portion of the sales.

While the group will be holding a book signing at the Pittsford Plaza B&N, the flier (and code) will work at any B&N…

Good for everybody

The incentive for the group is that they can get people out and raise money without having to resort to more traditional methods.

The win for B&N is that people that might not otherwise visit the store could be coming in for the book signing and because they know some of the proceeds help the charity.

The event can’t flip “regular customers”

So – the last thing to mention is that the group can’t hand out fliers and convert people that came to the store on their own into sponsors.  The promotion for the event has to happen outside of the store.

Me – I’m happy to do my part here.

If you happen to be in the mood to make a book purchase anywhere over the weekend, please print off a copy of our flier for this B&N Children’s Literacy fund raiser and visit your local Barnes and Noble.

If you happen to be in the Rochester area and want to pick up an autographed copy of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, please print a copy of this page with information about this weekend’s Book Signing Event at the Pittsford Plaza Barnes & Noble and bring it with you.

Remember to hand the flier to the cashier before you start ringing up your purchase.


To your continued success,

Steven Tylock