Allow Me To Introduce…

It happens at in-person networking events all the time, doesn’t it?

You’re standing there talking with Gary when you see Beth walking by – you call out to her, and she stops over.  Hopefully sooner than later you say something like “Gary, you know Beth, don’t you?”  And when you hear that they don’t know each other, you introduce them.

Once in a while you hear that they’ve struck up a great relationship and they thank you for bringing them together.

That’s absolutely how it happens on LinkedIn too – let me show you…

Two people that ought to know each other

The first requirement is that you have to know people that may not know each other already.  Perhaps one is an associate from a professional capacity, the other through a school function.

You can check to see if they already connect by looking at their connections.  (And if they both keep their connections hidden you’re out of luck – but that already says something about them – see my earlier article on how it’s A Matter Of Trust)

Forwarding a profile

One simple way to introduce them is through LinkedIn’s “forward this profile” feature.

When you’re viewing any profile on LinkedIn, you can bring that profile to one of your connection’s attention with this icon at the top on the right: “Forward this profile to a connection”.

When you select it, you’ll create a small note to go with the profile “Gary, I thought you might be interested in Beth, she’s …”

And then when completed, Gary (who must be one of your connections) receives Beth’s profile and your note.

Because it’s a bit one sided, you either end up also including Beth in the note, or you repeat the process and forward Gary’s profile to Beth.

An email…

Because you connect to both Beth and Gary, you have access to their current email addresses, right?

It’s easy enough to compose an email to both of them, give brief introductions, include their contact information and sign off saying something like “I’m not sure what will come of it, but I thought you two ought to have the chance to meet each other.  You can take it from here.”

And it’s really neat to hear back later when things go very well;-)

Any other means

Perhaps you like to call people, or meet for coffee or lunch – if that’s your comfort zone, then by all means do so.

Whatever mechanisms you use in your regular activities are supported by LinkedIn.  (Though in-person may not work so well if these individuals are geographically separated, but you get the idea)

Use your imagination, and see what happens.

Who knows, you just might help others make that critical contact.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock