Fun Stuff – And Getting Experience With Video

Slightly off-topic entry today, and a slice of the author’s life outside of LinkedIn – but a good education and lesson at the end if you’ll humor me…


When talking about building profiles, I mention that you’ve got to convey that you are a real person – not a placard.  (and by that I mean one dimensional;-)

You’ve got interests outside of work, right?  Feel free to share a hobby or passion that you have – in a professional way.

One of mine is orienteering.

Running through the woods

For those that don’t know, this sport involves running a course as fast as possible.  It isn’t around a track, down a road, or along a trail – but according to the layout given to competitors on a map just as they start.  Way points, or controls are established and runners check in to ensure that they have in fact completed the course correctly, and the competitor is free to take any path from control to control.

So it involves thinking, planning, and running at top speed.

(And hopefully you see the problem there – running at top speed takes oxygen away from the brain, so really one has to balance these things…-)


Rochester is hosting a national meet in September – the US Championships for both Sprint and Ultra-long Orienteering on the weekend of September 19th and 20th.

In trying to come up with a bit of publicity for the event, I pulled together a video that challenges road and trail runners to try the sport out – asking “Can You Run Through This?”

Video Publishing

And as I haven’t used video on this site before, it was a bit of a learning experience for me – getting the material for the clip, finding software, and publishing with YouTube.

But it worked out very well – the video is short and snappy, and I feel much more comfortable with that form of media now.

The Video

And so – I’m probably going to try adding some video to the site now – and that’s the part that’s directly to your benefit.

Perhaps a short clip showing how to add email addresses to your account – or if I get ambitious, a series.

In any case – it should be another step.

Oh – and the video – Here it is:

And this is the link to the youtube page directly. [voting on youtube encouraged if you happen to like it;-]

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock