April 2009

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Working for Yourself

21 Apr 2009 | : Profiles


Who do you work for when you work for yourself?

This came up in a LinkedIn question as another user asked about company matching.  LinkedIn will try to help you reconnect with people who have also worked for the same company.

It’s helpful when the company has a few hundred employees – you might have known Mary Smith.  It’s often not so helpful for large conglomerates with more than ten thousand employees, and really improbably for companies with over a hundred thousand…

But what happens when you put “Self Employed” in that box…

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Special Characters In Your Profile

10 Apr 2009 | : Profiles


LinkedIn has worked as a “plain text, no formatting” site for long enough that I don’t really think about trying to use formatting within a profile to do anything other than put the right amount of whitespace around material.

But when reader Joe asked about special fonts and colors in profiles, I decided to look into it.

It’s interesting enough to put up here, but don’t get too excited – you can use symbols, but don’t overdo it…

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Resource for Building your Personal Brand

02 Apr 2009 | : Profiles


Last year at about this time, I mentioned that many LinkedIn profiles lacked one and suggested that people  “Build a Summary for your Profile“.  And quoting myself, I said “It’s the high level overview of your personal brand, the space where you convince the reader you’ve got what it takes.”

A fellow group member just wrote a very nice article about how to create a “Personal Brand”, and pointed it out on the group.  Since I don’t have a whole lot to tell you about how to create your own personal brand (just that you need one), I thought it might make a good resource to forward to you.

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