None of my regular readers will ever face this issue, but I’ll talk about it anyway…-)

One of the more interesting questions I’ve seen is from an individual who was asked to endorse someone they didn’t know. Their question was – should they, and also – why would someone ask like that?

Well, if you’re going to connect to people you don’t know…

Don’t act shocked when they also ask you to endorse them!

Just a little bit short on the “knowing” aspect

So here’s where people would like to be very “gray” about relationships. They know Dan Mega-connector simply because Dan found their name and email address and asked them to connect.

Ok, so they don’t know Dan, but he was willing to ask to connect, that makes him trustworthy, right?

Just as Trustworthy as any Random person on the net…

Yup, Dan has as much ethics as anyone on the web, and when you connect to ten people like Dan, you can be confident of just a few things…

One random person in ten is going to “mine” your connections to find really useful people.

One other random person is going to try to sell you the best thing since sliced bread.

And one other random person is going to ask you to endorse them.

It’s your credibility

Go ahead, endorse them or not – if you’re connecting to random people, you might as well tell the world what a great relationship you have.

It’s only your credibility that will suffer…

The solution – connect to people that you know and trust, and of those people, recommend the ones who deserve it. And if you’re going to connect to people you don’t know, don’t act shocked when they do something that surprises you.