Do you really have the time?

If millions of people visit each day, what are they reading about you right now? Is it flattering or ho-hum? Does it get others to reach out to you, or quietly leave the room?

Some people use LinkedIn to find the right contacts, get found by interested professionals, and network into organizations they didn't know how to reach. Others have a brief description and a handful of connections - and wonder what the fuss is all about.

I've helped people in your position

Image of Steve Tylock I'm a longtime user of LinkedIn, and avid supporter. And why not? The site helps me reach out to others and establishes my business platform so that I can be found.

As I was growing my information technology consultancy, I decided that I'd take the opportunity to tell others about LinkedIn - to help them reach a higher level of use.

And so I'd meet with different people - a CPA, or an investment manager, or a personal coach - and show them how to get much more out of the system. And given the short nature of our visits, it was essential that I distill this information down into the most important aspects so that I wouldn't waste their time.

This was a great education for me - meeting and helping people, making new contacts, and refining my understanding of LinkedIn - and what people needed to know about it to use it well.

You need a good training manual

Image of Steve Tylock's LinkedIn Profile You see, LinkedIn is a great site, but it's a bit overwhelming for many of the people that join. Sure, they've finally accepted an invitation and filled in the basic information, but then what?

LinkedIn has an introduction and FAQ that just don't suit many users.

And yes, the web has many articles about LinkedIn - if you can search, find, skim, and understand them all.

It's quite easy to literally spend hours figuring out what you should do - and even then, you might not quite understand why something is important. I'm sure people have give up before figuring it out.

Why is it easy for everybody else?

And if things aren't bad enough, you have to listen to others talk about "how great LinkedIn is..."

There is a reason for this - The early adopters of LinkedIn were both technical and interested in figuring things out. Part of the "in"-ness of the site was that you were exploring the abilities of the system at the same time that they were developing it. (nobody had build a professional networking site to that scale before)

Later adopters want more of a manual - a quick read that they can put to use right away.

I've been training people!

Remember the description of the meetings I was having up above? Well, they were quite successful from the trainee's point of view, and one suggested that there might be a market for this service. So I went back to my drawing board and drew up plans to conduct personal training sessions - for a fee. And if I was charging for the sessions, I realized I ought to have good materials to go along with my words.

The early drafts of my worksheets for "LinkedIn Personal Training" were designed to make sure I covered everything that was important, had a place for the student to work along after our session (because things like editing a profile and inviting people to connect take up time that we couldn't spend while together), and allowed me to build in specific "tag lines" or places I where I could mention "why" they would be taking certain actions.

The birth of a book

Image of The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer (book) I'm sure you can see where I'm going here...

The actual "personal training" sessions never went anywhere - but I realized that the demand for what I had created was definitely there - if only I developed it further - into a book.

And so, The LinkedIn Personal Trainer was born. I took the workbook for my personal training session, added my personal delivery, and splashed it up with thought provoking comments and questions that drive home critical points.

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It's here because people need it

In writing The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, I realized that I could reach the ever-growing base of LinkedIn users and help them make better use of this great tool.

5.0 out of 5 stars LinkedIn's "Missing Manual"

By Jeanie Marshall "Personal Development Consultant" (Santa Monica, CA)
This book is an extremely helpful guide to using LinkedIn effectively. Thoughtfully, the author guides you through identifying your goals and action steps. It takes some effort to get results with any network, but if you put these techniques to use, the rewards can be outstanding. Thanks, Steven, for a well-grounded, practical guide to maximize success. This book is the "Missing Manual" of LinkedIn.

The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer will:

And so, for no reason other than getting your mind wrapped around how LinkedIn works, how LinkedIn benefits you, you should consider buying the book.

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Ed Callahan, Partner and Co-Founder, Momentum Technology Partners writes:

"I give seminars on LinkedIn to job seekers, execs in transitions, sales reps and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is a valuable business tool and provides very useful functionality for each of those communities. In the spirit of the 'for dummies' series, Steve takes a complex application, which itself doesn't provide more than rudimentary help files, and presents the material in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks for the novice user. I would recommend it for anyone who has decided to use LinkedIn and wants to do it right from the very beginning."
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Several million people will have visited by this time tomorrow...

Remember at the beginning of this page where I asked what is being thought about you based on your existing LinkedIn profile?, an internet traffic reporting site, notes that gets millions of unique visitors every day, and more than 10 million some days!

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Guaranteed image Still not convinced? Ok, I'll guarantee that you'll find the book understandable, the contents helpful, and your LinkedIn experience improved after you get and read the book.

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Take Action

Ok, there isn't much left here to say except that you need to take action. If you're not interested in the book, you can continue to scan the web, searching for another morsel - that you might find after several hours of searching.

My suggestion is that you invite me into your home and ask me to help you understand LinkedIn - tell you what to do with it, and why you want to take those actions. If I were really able to come over to your house, you'd offer me coffee and something to snack on while we're talking.

That's essentially the cost of the e-book here folks, a cup of coffee and a bagel...

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