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TLPT Collaborators

The LinkedIn group for readers of
Steve Tylock's The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

It's true, people get to learn more about me than I do of them.

And so - I'm asked to join other people's networks.  They feel they know me because they've read the book, attended a seminar, watched a video, or listened to a teleseminar.

But it's a one way relationship - I don't really get to know the person reading the book;-)

And if you recall, one of my key points is to connect to people you already know.  

So I've established the group "TLPT Collaborators" to help us increase our visibility and ability to network without connecting directly.  (And I'm always open to networking)

It's also  a testing ground for group membership.  If your university doesn't have an alumni group on LinkedIn, you can't claim membership in one of those ex-employee groups, and your local networking group isn't up on LinkedIn yet, we'll accept you here because of your experience with The LinkedIn Personal Trainer.

Here's who we'd like to see joining the group:
  • Readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer
  • Attendees of any one of Steve Tylock's LinkedIn seminars 
  • Fans of the video series "Just a Minute with LinkedIn" [coming soon] 
  • Listeners of any of Steve's LinkedIn teleseminars

  • Any questions?  Just email me at

    To join the TLPT Collaborators group, you'll just click on this link.