December 2012

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A Holiday Gift Of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

25 Dec 2012 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Happy Holidays!

And I’ve got exciting news – The LinkedIn Personal Trainer is now part of the Amazon lending library – free to borrow for all Kindle users.

But wait – there’s more!-) (You just can’t say that too often;-)

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Working With Awful LinkedIn Adivce? Just Keep Repeating It!

10 Dec 2012 | : Profiles


Are you creative?

Well – once again LinkedIn has trolled through their collection of user profiles and suggests that you not describe yourself with that word…

I’ve never cared for this advice, and if they’re going to double-down on providing it, I’m going to raise the stakes about why this advice is merely useless.

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Election Bounce-Back For Global Warming

02 Dec 2012 | : Polls


You knew this was coming, right?

Now that the election is over, everyone’s happy to acknowledge that the global change in temperatures has something to to with the global change in weather patterns.

Funny that, right? Here – I’ve got poll results from faithful readers of the LinkedIn Personal Trainer!

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