November 2012

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And LinkedIn Taketh Away…

23 Nov 2012 | : Groups


LinkedIn appears to be pruning the “tree of all things LinkedIn” quite a bit lately.

Reader Jake commented on my January 2010 article that covered how to add an RSS feed to your group – it was a useful feature that deserved talking about.

But alas, while the feature isn’t gone completely, it’s no longer available…

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LinkedIn Giveth – Perhaps Too much

21 Nov 2012 | : About the Service, Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Is it too much to let strangers evaluate your network?

LinkedIn apparently thinks it’s perfectly fine to let third degree connections know which companies, schools, industries, and locations your connections hail from…

What – you don’t believe me? Check this out…

All the Endorsements You Really Don’t Care About

02 Nov 2012 | : Polls


Guess what – users think LinkedIn endorsements seem to be a whole lot of hot air.

But if you like them, don’t give up hope, a few people think they matter.

(just like the folks at LinkedIn;-)

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