July 2012

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Smoke And Mirrors

25 Jul 2012 | : About the Service


I probably don’t mean to imply deception as mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for Smoke and Mirrors, but it seemed a good metaphor for the topic at hand – LinkedIn’s “Updated” look.

LinkedIn has revamped the home page in an attempt to look better / cooler.

Is it better – sure. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Probably not…

Have We Permanently Changed Buying Patterns?

04 Jul 2012 | : Outside LinkedIn


June’s LinkedIn poll shows a story of immediate desire contrasted with (somewhat) delayed gratification.

I’ll guess that the optimists will say that it means things are headed in a good direction, pessimists will pick out the less-than-stellar buying expectations. I’m going to hedge and say readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer have gone pragmatic;-)

Come on – let’s have a look.

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