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Changing LinkedIn Usage Styles – From Quantity To Quality

28 Jun 2012 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Heading over to the mailbag for a letter today! T… asks about fixing up his LinkedIn presence. He says:

Until I read your posts I just asked people to join me a bit ad hoc. … [So I was interested in] an article on how to rectify the mistakes if you are already on LinkedIn and have “farmed” contacts?

I’ve implied some things about that sort of situation over the years, but it sounds like a great topic for today.

Let’s have a look.

Two Thirds Of LinkedIn Users Aren’t Looking For Work!-)

01 Jun 2012 | : Jobs, Polls


May’s LinkedIn poll reveals that while LinkedIn maintains a strong presence among job seekers, two out of three users are not using the site for that purpose.

It further emphasizes the polarity discovered in December of 2010 – either you’re job searching or you’re not.

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