March 2012

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The Return Of The LinkedIn Killer

20 Mar 2012 | : Outside LinkedIn


On the good side – it’s been two years since I last address this issue. That’s what being the 900 pound gorilla will do for you – but there’s competition in the works.

One of these days I’m going to be wrong; but perhaps not today.

Let’s have a look…

Employment Satisfaction Distraction – Guess What!

16 Mar 2012 | : Jobs, Polls


On February 1st, I boldly proclaimed:

“I’m absolutely certain that every major news site will soon be reporting that a cadre of unhappy workers are all looking for something better.”

Guess what I just found…

LinkedIn Users Express Happiness

01 Mar 2012 | : Polls


With Absolute confidence, I can tell you that you are happy right now, or sad, or neither…

What – you don’t believe me?

Actually, two thirds of you are happy – and that’s a reasonable place to be isn’t it? And maybe LinkedIn has something to do with it…

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