February 2012

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Virus Threat Through Fake LinkedIn Email

21 Feb 2012 | : Outside LinkedIn


I last covered fake LinkedIn emails in 2010 – it wasn’t that big a deal.

Apparently going IPO and reaching 150 million users put a target on the company’s back – let’s look at the topic again…

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Oh No, My LinkedIn Profile Is Incomplete!

16 Feb 2012 | : About the Service, Ways to Use LinkedIn


The LinkedIn blog has alerted me to the fact that “profile completeness” has undergone a transformation – and sure enough, my profile is now only 90% complete!


What is one to do?…

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Employment Satisfaction Distraction

01 Feb 2012 | : Polls


With a second title of “These online polls are tricky…”

I thought it might be interesting to start the year off with an assessment of how people felt about their current employment situation.

And what better way to do that than take a poll, right?

Apparently most people are currently looking for a new opportunity – but asking for two responses on a poll is perhaps too tricky for internet users. Come along and have a look at the results with me…

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