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Top 10 Articles In 2011 On The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

29 Dec 2011 | : About the Service, Applications, Connections, Entrepreneurial, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Jobs, Outside LinkedIn, Polls, Profiles, Recommendations, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Let’s take a moment to ring out 2011 and look back at some of the most read articles for the year.

It’s been an interesting one with the release of The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer and the public stock offering from LinkedIn. (The later of which didn’t make much of an impact here…)

It’s hard to compare an article written in January against an article written in November – the one’s just been around a whole lot longer to attract attention. So I’ve used a bit of a weighting to try to factor that in.

And so – here they are – the top ten articles from 2011…

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Polling Your LinkedIn Group

23 Dec 2011 | : Applications, Groups


I’ve been regularly asked “Can I poll just my group on LinkedIn?” and have had to respond “no” – before today;-)

LinkedIn has linked the polling application to groups and now you can.

It’s not as nice as sliced break, but it’s better than it was…

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The Most Over Hyped Advice About Overused LinkedIn Descriptors

19 Dec 2011 | : About the Service, Profiles


If you follow any of the mainstream media about LinkedIn you’ve probably been hounded to “remove these overused words from your profile!”

Please allow me to set your mind at easy – there’s no reason to worry.

I’d be happy if any one of you tells me you’ve spent time on your profile and used half of those words!

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Repost – Twelve Days Of LinkedIn

13 Dec 2011 | : Applications, Connections, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Jobs, Profiles, Recommendations, Search


Since it happens to be 12 days before the big day, I thought it might be fun to point out the “Twelve Days of LinkedIn” video. Short, unaccompanied, and hopefully worth a chuckle or two…

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock

When Marketing Goes Awry

08 Dec 2011 | : About the Service, Connections


The marketing folks at LinkedIn have apparently rolled out more than one update.

Earlier in the week I showed how uninspiring I found their plea to use the profile-skills feature.

They did it again before the ink was dry on that article – you’ll love this.

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Why I’m Still Bearish On LinkedIn Skills

05 Dec 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn reached out with an email this week asking me to update my skills.

I’m not sure it made the impression they really thought it would – here – let me show you.

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How To Reach Your Contacts With LinkedIn

04 Dec 2011 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


“Just how can I reach multiple connections with a message?”

That recent comment led to this post – I’ll show you how right here.

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Updated Results For The Great LinkedIn Personal Trainer Poll Poll!

01 Dec 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn, Polls


Alternatively titled “Poll Results Still Show Nearly Everyone Won’t Take Polls!”

My first poll in September of 2009 begged for responses to an innovative yes/no question that everyone should be able to respond to.

I’ve rerun the same poll – and it is just as shocking I tell you!

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