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What Brand Do You Represent On LinkedIn? Your Own!

27 Oct 2011 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I caught a nice segment on the Today show this morning – they had Steve Abudato on to talk about his new book “You Are the Brand“.

Readers will notice a great similarity between what I’ve said and this other Steve’s suggestion that branding is an essential component of every professional’s toolbox.

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Releasing The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer On Kindle

21 Oct 2011 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


It’s true – you don’t know what you don’t know until you have to know it…

I knew I wanted to release the revised version of my book on the Kindle platform, and thought it would go a little quicker. If you’re considering your own e-book, you might find this tale interesting.

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How Much Does LinkedIn Affect Corporate Recruiting?

18 Oct 2011 | : Jobs


Apparently enough to have a private conference!

And they didn’t invite me.

But that’s ok – I’ll write about it anyway…

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Asymmetrical Networking

14 Oct 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Or “Why LinkedIn Works and Twitter Doesn’t”…

We’re having a great Friday in the rain here, and I hope you’re warm, dry, and comfortable – it looks like seasons are changing.

The concept open for discussion today is the symmetry of networking, and why it doesn’t quite work when that symmetry is lacking.

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Introducing The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer

11 Oct 2011 | : Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


It’s official – four years after launching the first book explaining the LinkedIn system to the professional, I’m pleased to announce a revised version.

The revised version takes the earlier material that concisely describes LinkedIn and updates it for today. As an additional bonus, I’ve added an appendix – the “Strategy Guide To Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn”.

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Making Sales With LinkedIn

06 Oct 2011 | : Entrepreneurial, Introductions, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This post wraps up the “LinkedIn For The Salesman” discussion. We’ve looked into prospecting, research, and getting spectacular introductions – things every salesperson can do to leverage their efforts.

This summary post links to the articles describing how LinkedIn can help in the different aspects of the sales process.

Plus – breaking this morning, LinkedIn says companies will be able to issue updates – we’ll cover that as well.

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LinkedIn For The Salesman: Introductions

04 Oct 2011 | : Introductions


We’re continuing with the topic – how can we use LinkedIn during the sales process?

We found a prospect , discovered more about them, and now need to reach out – with an introduction.

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How Much Attention Does Your LinkedIn Profile Get?

02 Oct 2011 | : Profiles


Readers weighed in on the quantity of profile views last month, and you can join in late – to compare for yourself.

The average user appears to attract a dozen or more views per month, but the top responder indicates he or she receives over a hundred per month!

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