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LinkedIn Doesn’t Work

30 Sep 2011 | : Jobs


Like that.

I’d like to interrupt the expected “LinkedIn for The Salesman” series for this important announcement.

You can’t get a job just because you use LinkedIn.

I liked both Mary Ann and Ginger.

And it’s silly to compare my dad with your dad…

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LinkedIn For The Salesman: Research

29 Sep 2011 | : Profiles, Search


We’re working with the topic – how can we use LinkedIn during the sales process?

We began with prospecting, and let’s continue with our identified candidate – and get into research mode.

It’s got to be part of your qualification process, right?

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LinkedIn For The Salesman: Prospecting

27 Sep 2011 | : Search


So let’s get going on the topic I introduced last week – how can LinkedIn help with the sales process?

The place to start is pretty much the start of the sales process: prospecting.

It might be neat to spend an afternoon actually panning and searching for gold, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

If only potential customers sank to the bottom of the pan…

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Browsing LinkedIn Viewer Statistics With Quantcast

22 Sep 2011 | : Outside LinkedIn


What kind of people use the LinkedIn site?

I’ve read all sorts of reports, but took a bit of time to head over to and had a look for myself. It’s rather revealing, and gives me a chance to compare the education levels of readers of this blog with the average LinkedIn user.

Come on – have a look with me.

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It’s Still Not OK To Put Super-Sekrit Information In Your LinkedIn Profile!

21 Sep 2011 | : Profiles


Breaking news – yet another high profile company has been damaged because an employee included confidential information in their LinkedIn profile!

At least it’s been 18 months since I’ve had to mention this, but come on, it’ll be fun…

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Accelerating Sales With LinkedIn

20 Sep 2011 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Last week I wrapped up a discussion about Jumpstarting Your Career With LinkedIn, and I thought we’d bridge to a discussion about using LinkedIn within the realm of sales. While jobs and recruiting is perhaps the issue most asked about, the sales questions follow close behind. These questions are not necessarily simple though – the sales pros have already grasped why they want to be using LinkedIn, and are looking for the subtle tips that will make them even more successful with it.

So let’s take the same gauntlet and consider what components of LinkedIn are essential to the individual involved in the sales process. And beyond that, what additional tips and techniques can we offer to help the savvy LinkedIn user make more sales?

And first I’d like to ask for your questions.

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Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn

15 Sep 2011 | : Connections, Introductions, Jobs, Profiles, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This post wraps up the topic of Jumpstarting your career with LinkedIn. We’ve taken the time to consider the essential components and how an experienced professional should be leveraging them – if they’re switching careers, or even if they’re staying put in the same field.

This summary post links to all the components of using LinkedIn to build your career.

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Resources For Jumpstarting Your Career – LinkedIn Introductions

13 Sep 2011 | : Introductions, Jobs


Continuing with the topic of Jumpstarting a second career, let’s consider introductions on LinkedIn and describe how experienced professionals should be leveraging them to jumpstart their careers – if they’re switching, or even if they’re staying put in the same field.

Yes, even if you’re in the very same career you started in, you can use LinkedIn to enhance your stature, effectiveness, and probably even your pay.

Let’s have a  look at introductions and using them to build your career.

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